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Price Match

We provide premium products with an elevated customer experience when you shop with us, and we understand that price is sometimes a factor.  

To this, we will match any advertised price inclusive of shipping costs from other UK retailers; including other discount or voucher codes!


Considerations when price-matching:

-       The product in question must be the same as the product offered at London Ski Co. This includes the same size, colour, product specification and collection year

-       The price requested to be matched must be clearly advertised online and visible to any site visitor at the time of requesting to be matched.

-       Price-match requests must be from UK retailers, we will look to match international retailers but cannot guarantee this – please email to find out more!

-       Additional voucher discounts applied to a price must be visible and applicable to all site visitors at the time of the conducted price match.

-       No other discounts may be applied after price matching to receive a further discount